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SIDERITAS - wholesale stock clothing.

JSC “Sideritas” is one of the leading wholesale stock clothing companies in Lithuania. We offer new, fashionable and reasonable priced stock clothes, shoes and accessories. Stock clothes are fashionable and high quality famous brands clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men, youth and children from last season collections in very affordable price. You can often get the best collections models at significantly lower price. Stock wholesale offers reasonable price for the highest quality. JSC “Sideritas” motto is “With You and for You!”

JSC “Sideritas” is in wholesale clothing business since 1995 year. Through many years of experience communicating directly with the famous clothing brand manufacturers, and continuous cooperation with our clients we have built strong cloth brands, suppliers and customer base. Now we can offer a large variety of stock clothes and shoes for women, men, teenagers and children. We were first who have provided our customers famous Italian clothing brands for children. These clothing brands are now associated with trendy clothing for children, high quality at an affordable price. We are pleased to have contributed to this phenomenon.


New and second-hand clothing sale.

Company's main activities:
• wholesale stock clothes, new clothes, new shoes sale, accessories.
• wholesale second-hand clothes, trade in second hand shoes and accessories.

During nearly two decade long period of steady existence in wholesale business the company has earned its good reputation and image among our clients and customers. Our partners and clients say that we are stable and reliable wholesaler of quality and reasonably priced second-hand and new clothing. That’s a reason why we have many clients not only in Lithuania and other Baltic states but also in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other Eastern and European countries.

Trusted company name is known also among suppliers; therefor the base of them continues to expand. Most of our suppliers are from Western Europe. We work only with manufacturers, warehouses. This allows us to offer high quality product at an affordable price for everyone.

JSC “Sideritas” has earned respect among its customers by being able to meet the most demanding customer's desires and needs. In response to changes in Lithuanian and global markets, our selling new and second-hand clothes, shoes, accessories, prices are always in line with consumer needs and expectations. Our companies strength is a stable range of well-known clothing brands, as well as warm interaction with our customers. For regular clients of the firm we guarantee a steady supply of favourite brands of new and second-hand clothing, new and second-hand shoes, new and second-hand accessories. Also we provide our customers with as much as possible information about the goods; it allows trusting us and ordering goods in a distance, what is very important nowadays. We regularly publish promotions; visiting clients get catalogues of our offered clothing brands production. Every client is treated fresh hot coffee and warm welcome.

JSC “Sideritas” guarantee exclusive, top-quality merchandise at a reasonable price.

Company's main activities:
• wholesale stock clothes.
• wholesale second-hand clothes.

New stock clothes – new, last season, trendy men's, women's, youth and children's clothing, at a very low price, sorted according to the seasons, categories range for men or women. Stock goods category comprises upper and lower garments, shoes, hats, gloves, glasses, and other accessories. Assortment is sorted and chosen so that the client may be assured that will receive the goods that are in line with their expectations and very high quality. Stock apparel brands are constant, so that the customer will always find the desired trade goods. Assortment is sorted and chosen so that the client may be assured that acquire high quality, the expectations of the goods. Stock apparel brands are constant, so that the customer will always find the desired trade goods. Supplies can be ordered in different quantities. In addition, items can be shipped to clients country and we can provide a support in preparation of customs documents.

Second hand clothes – it’s an innovative approach to second-hand clothes. Here you will find reasonably sorted, carefully selected, accurate, high-quality and fashionable clothes, shoes, underwear. We offer high quality Cream Extra, Premium class mixes of second hand clothes, which meet season and the expectations of the buyer. Our product is professionally selected, sorted and neatly packed. Many of our clients have appreciated our bulk sale second-hand clothes, footwear and accessories. We offer to buy high-end second-hand upper and lower garments for men, women and children, footwear, household items, bedding.

Categories of goods:
• Women’s clothing
• Men’s clothing
• Youth clothing
• Children clothing
• Women’s shoes
• Men’s shoes
• Youth shoes
• Children shoes
• Bags
• Accessories
• Bijouterie
• Hats
• Gloves
• Scarfs
• Winter range
• Summer range

All these categories are divided by sex (women/men/children), season, quality, and brand.

Stock and second hand clothes – new opportunities.

Sale of stock and second hand clothing is popular in Europe for several decades. After all it’s an opportunity for middle and low income people to create their own unique style and wear exclusive accessories. It’s also a good deal for companies. Competition in clothing market is very high and it’s very difficult to sell all the items, so unsold items influences huge losses.
Selling unsold new clothing, shoes and accessories it is a great way to go for companies who buy and sell stock clothing. It helps to avoid losses due to unsold goods and additional financial resources can be invested in new season’s clothes range.

We are looking for partners, customers in Lithuania, East and West Europe.
Please contact JSC “Sideritas” managers and we will be pleased to introduce you to our assortment.

High quality goods from JSC “Sideritas”:

JSC “Sideritas” guarantees exclusive, extra high quality for a reasonable price.
JSC “Sideritas’ has a very large customer base. At the moment our clients are from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Italia and other European countries.
Number of our partners is constantly growing. If you want to become JSC “Sideritas” customers or clients, please contact us using the information listed contacts. JSC “Sideritas” sells famous brands stock and second hand clothes.

Here you can find unique, globally recognized and famous brands. We sell stock and used clothing suitable for a wide range of users: second hand clothes are not just for seniors, but also for teens. Caring, saving, environmentally friendly way of life promoting parents will find clothes for themselves and children of all ages. Assortment of stock clothes and second hand clothing is regularly updated. For more information please contact us.

JSC “Sideritas” guarantees exceptional high quality goods at a reasonable price.


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